It’s great to be back in London! :) The weather here is lovely! I’m looking forward to going skiing again, but apart from that I feel ready for spring. Bring on the pastels, fresh colours and sunny days! :)


Blouse/Skirt from H&M Trend
Bag from Zara
Sunglasses from Zara Man

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  1. Britt+Whit says:

    you had me at pink! i love the blouse and purse! so cute!

    love from San Francisco,

  2. Det er så herlig her nå! Jeg har spist årets første is :-)

  3. Nina C. says:

    Kjempe flotte bilder:)

  4. Marie Nord says:

    HVOR mange grader er det? Herreguuuud a… Jeg vil og bo der! Igjen… haha

  5. selina says:

    gorgeous in pink, I like it!

    love, selina

  6. Luisa says:

    Dere er så heldige med været der borte :) I dag skinner faktisk solen her i Stavanger også, men det er veldig kaldt ute. Utrolig fresh farge, love it!

  7. Regine says:

    Så fin du er i rosa – fresh og herlig farge. Veska var knallfin! Ha ei god helg Julie :)

  8. mia says:

    omg, you look soooo great! I love those shots, and all this pink is just amazing!
    Beautiful as always :)



  9. saboskirt2 says:

    Loving your lip color..

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  10. Eyecandy! What a cute outfit!

  11. helena says:

    pretty in pink!!
    wanna follow each other on bloglovin? im a fan of yours already!


  12. Isabel says:

    This look is so perfect! The sunglasses are cool! I have to go to Zara Men ;)


  13. irina says:

    Eg elser disse bildene! Og fargen på deg er unbeliavable!!!

  14. you look amazing :)

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